Born in Hong Kong, Cecilia and Bernard relocated to Vancouver, Canada, in 2014 to attend graduate school. We share a passion for food, travelling, photography, music, and design (amongst other things!). Our passion culminated in the creation of Roaming Backpacks. This platform is meant for us to share our musings and reflections on everything travel-related, and is dedicated to the wonderful peoples and places we had encountered on the road.

Yet, we are not incessant travellers; no, our backpacks (or more recently, suitcases) are often grounded in order for us to attend to the routines of daily life and our careers. Travelling used to be an avenue for us to escape (by seeking out something “new” and exciting), especially in the pressure-cooker environment of Hong Kong. But more and more, we are discovering that travel is just as much about exploring and navigating our daily lives – which is not necessarily that mundane –  as it is about going places. Our evolving understanding of “travel” is a theme we plan to explore in Roaming Backpacks in the future.

One thing, though, is for certain: travelling is an immense privilege that we cherish, and are grateful for. It has fundamentally shaped our lives, and it continues to influence our perspectives of the world around us. Each journey, be it in some remote corner of the Earth, or in our neighbourhood, reminds us how fortunate we are to be able to travel.