Currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Cecilia and Bernard share a passion for food, travelling, photography, and great design. Our passion culminated in the creation of Roaming Backpacks in 2014. This platform is for us to share our travel-related musings and snapshots, in dedication to the wonderful peoples, cultures, and places we had encountered on the road.

But we are not intrepid travellers; no, even though we are passionate about travelling, those backpacks (or more recently, suitcases) are too often grounded as we attend to the routines of “daily life”. That is especially so after we moved to Canada from Hong Kong in 2014. Not that that in itself is something to complain about; travelling in the past has been about going places, but travelling in our own neighbourhood, and through our daily routines, is something we are still trying to learn.

To travel is a privilege, one that we cherish and are grateful for. Travelling has changed our lives dramatically, and it continues to shape our perspectives of, and relationship to the world that is out there. Each journey, be it somewhere far-flung and remote, or in our neighbourhood, reminds us how much there is to be explored and discovered.

The story of Roaming Backpacks began in 2014 as a simple travel-cum-photography blog; our focus on travel and photography has remained unchanged since then. In time, however, we aspire to turn Roaming Backpacks into a like-minded travellers and photographers to contribute ideas, stories, and inspiration. We are always open to comments and/or contributions, so please feel free to get in touch with us!