Bernard Chan is currently pursuing his graduate degree in education the University of British Columbia (UBC). His interests include cooking, digital and film photography, and language learning. Bernard has a rather odd inclination to seek out remote places on the map, often to find nothing upon reaching there eventually. Still, he finds a certain attractiveness to that “nothing-ness”. This habit, and his fondness for long, unending walks, sometimes results in Cecilia becoming rather grumpy.

Cecilia Chan is also a graduate student in children’s literature at UBC. She doubles as a freelance writer and translator, and is also passionate about working with children in playgroups. She is very much a dreamer who loves reading and writing, and has a fascinating collection of handwritten notebooks about her travels. She often has to remind Bernard not to do crazy things on the road, and sometimes becomes grumpy because of those long, unending walks. She maintains her own blog, Cecilia Writes, which is dedicated to her writing.