Our world is complicated, but one of the great things about traveling is that we get to meet good, honest people no matter where we go, whom we always remember long after a journey ends.

That really is the same thing we expect our visitors to be – good, honest people.

Much has been said about copyrighting on the Internet, and how content (written and photographic, in our case) could be ‘protected’. But we don’t believe in that. In fact, the whole point of putting content online is to share content with you. Thus, we have decided not to watermark any of our photographic content.

But if you are interested to obtain any of our photographs, publications, etc., all you have to do, is ask. In fact, we will be very happy if you do so (hey, someone is interested in us!).

We are most happy to get in touch. Perhaps we could even meet for coffee next time we visit your city. We could exchange postcards, or even a printed copy of a photograph you like.

Now, that’s infinitely more satisfying than, say, ‘right-click>save’, yes?

Like how a gentleman trader we meet while traveling in Morocco said, ‘you happy, I happy, we all happy’. Done!