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Victoria Harbour

Our first snapshot: Hong Kong. This is our home, of course, at least for now. I’m not complaining about the skyline – it has to be one of the most beautiful in the world, if you can see it, that is. On those clear days and nights, the view across Victoria Harbour can be mesmerizing. […]

Meeting People

The white-haired taxi driver, a burly gentleman who has three doctorate degrees, looks after two libraries at home, and is also a volunteer firefighter in the Canadian Rockies. The husband-and-wife-team, who devotes their entire lives to a kangaroo sanctuary and refuge in the middle of the vast Australian Outback. The charming hostel owner in Marrakech, […]

Travelers and Tourists

On the road, you meet tourists, and then you meet travelers. Tourists: boring. Those poor folks who are content with fixed itineraries, and who get ferried around in tour coaches from one place to another. They swarm around in groups, and are given 5 minutes at each destination to snap photographs before scooting off. Oh, […]

The Routine of Travel

Back in university, I remember attending a course on travel and culture, and we were discussing if traveling is subconsciously enjoyable because it offers people a break from the routines of their daily mundane lives. Oh, c’mon! You don’t have to attend a university course to know that, do you? Perhaps I might have known […]