You know how Kiwis (New Zealanders) love to say ‘sweet as’ to everything? Once there was a Kiwi in the United States having a conversation with a local. She said something and he went ‘sweet as’.

He was eventually sued for sexual harassment.

This was one of those hilarious stories shared by Andrew, a fellow traveler Cecilia and I met in New Zealand.

It’s true – Kiwis love saying ‘sweet as’ to almost everything. It’s a phrase I found to be particularly endearing, and I picked it up during my first visit to New Zealand. Cecilia chides me for saying that sometimes, but no, I’ve not been sued by anyone (yet).

Last week, while tramping the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, we overhead a mountain guide in front of us explaining the Kiwi love of ‘sweet as’ to two British ladies. One of them was particularly enthused, and quipped: ‘sweet-arse’ in the most British of ways possible.

That was hilarious and we wanted to laugh-out-loud, but saved the laughing for later as we were descending a rather steep slope by the side of a volcanic crater. Because it wouldn’t be worth it falling off a volcano and getting a really sweet arse.